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Sky Ear concepts and final designProject concept and final design

Sky Ear leafletMay 4, 2004 National Maritime Museum Sky Ear information leaflet

Sky Ear press releasePress Release April 21, 2004

Sky Ear description and imagesOverview, early drawings and models of Sky Ear

For high resolution images of Sky Ear's maiden flight in Fribourg, Switzerland, July 4, 2004 as part of Belluard Bollwerk International, please click here.

Sky Ear is a project by Usman Haque financially assisted by the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology.

Electronics & B2B network by Seth Garlock, Senseinate Inc. Software by Rolf Pixley, Anomalous Research Ltd.

Microcontrollers provided by Texas Instruments, Inc.

Carbon fibre tubing for framework by RBJ Plastics, UK