An Example 06 (an homage to Jim Campbell's homage to Heisenberg)
with Ai Hasegawa.

In a museum, there are so many images of gods... but they are only meant to be seen, they are not for praying. They are beautiful, but only beautiful; there is no other reason for their existence. What do you do with such a god? What do you expect from such a being? Do you want help? How do you know when you have been helped?

an example an example an example
Heisenberg machine & Schroedinger cat box

A parallel can be drawn with so-called "interactive" works: we expect them to "work" by giving us immediate feedback, to provide us with a moment of joy, to be "understandable". In fact, what we really want are "reactive" works, not "interactive", things that respond to us clearly and directly. Truly "interactive" works may not be comprehensible...

So the project is also an "homage" of sorts to artist Jim Campbell's "homage" to physicist Werner Heisenberg and his "uncertainty principle" (Shadow for Heisenberg), in which a buddha in a box gets more obscured the closer a viewer gets to it.

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